We are excited to announce the release of our app for the iPad:


It took a while to develop the iPad port - so we hope you enjoy it! If you try it out, please email us with your opinion on how we can improve the product.

Why did we make a separate app and not make our iPhone app universal? As a team of two individuals, this was all that we worked on for 3 months of development. The iPad app is not a simple port - we came up with a whole new design and even provide some additional features like AirPlay support. 

To recoup our costs (so we can make a living from app development), we either could make it an universal app and raise the price of the app for everyone, or make a seperate iPad app and keep the iPhone pricing the same. Raising the price on everyone is unfair to those that don't have iPads and just want our app for their phones, so we chose to make a separate iPad app.

Both apps are receiving large free updates in the New Year that adds new features and content. 

Thank you for your wonderful support!